The 1204’s effects are quite varied, and different effects within any given category have different characteristics. For example, amongst the reverbs, the Room reverb time varies from 0.5-3.3 seconds, while the Solo reverb has a range of 2.3-55 seconds (yes, 55! Though the decay by then becomes masked in hiss). Both the Delay and the Echo have a maximum delay time of 370ms, but the left and right delays are truly independent in the case of the Echo; it is also possible to get a delay time of up to 740ms out of the Delay. Reverse and gated reverbs have an upper limit of 1152ms, and pitch shifting is +/- one octave, with detuning.

• REVERB: Hall, Room, Plate, Vocal, Ambience, Orchestral, Studio, Session, Percussion, Drums, Solo, Delay, Echo, Gate, Power, Reverse.

• MODULATION: Chorus, Flanger, Pitch Shift, Tremolo.

• SERIAL: Delay+Reverb, Chorus+Reverb, Flange+Reverb, Pitch Shift+Reverb.

• PARALLEL: Chorus/Reverb, Flange/Reverb, Pitch Shift/Reverb, Tremolo/Reverb, Chorus/Echo, Flange/Echo, Pitch Shift/Echo.

• SPECIAL EFFECTS: Vocoder, Rotary, Vocal Distortion, Zoom Noise Reduction.


• 512 presets.

• 100 user memories.

• 18-bit, 128X oversampling AD/DA converters.

• 44.1kHz sampling frequency.

• 10Hz-20kHz frequency response.

• Stereo jacks in, mono mic in, stereo jacks out.

• MIDI In.

• 9V DC adaptor

240.00 лв.

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