Fantom (FA-76): Synthesizer Keyboard (Conforms to General
MIDI 2 System)
76 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
 Synthesizer Section
 Multitimbre Parts
16 parts
 Maximum Polyphony
64 voices
 Wave Memory
64 M bytes (16-bit linear equivalent)
Waveforms: 1,083 (XV-5080 equivalent)
 Expansion Slot
Wave Expansion Board SR-JV80 Series: 1 slot
Wave Expansion Board SRX Series: 2 slots
 Preset Memory
Patches: 640 (128 x 5 banks) + 256 (General MIDI 2 Patches)
Rhythm Sets: 16 + 9 (General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets)
Multitimbres: 16
Performances: 64
 User Memory
Patches: 128
Rhythm Sets: 16
Multitimbres: 16
Performances: 64
Multi-Effects (M-FX): 90 types (Patch mode)
* Three different multi-effects (only 50 types) can be used simultaneously
in Performance/Multitimbre mode.
Chorus: 2 types
Reverb: 4 types
System Equalizer: 2 band per each 4 outputs
 Sequencer Section
Phrase Tracks (16 MIDI channels per track): 16
Pattern Track (16 MIDI channels per track): 1
Tempo Track: 1
Beat Track: 1
* The Pattern Track can hold up to 100 patterns.
480 TPQN
 Song Data (Internal Memory)
Song: 1
Note Capacity: approx. 120,000 notes
Song Length: 9,998 measures
 Recording Methods
Realtime, Step
 External Storage Device
3.5 inch Floppy Disk: 1.44 M bytes (2HD), 720 K bytes (2DD)
Note Storage: approx. 120,000 notes (2HD), approx. 60,000 notes (2DD)
Song Files: max. 99
 File Formats
MRC Pro Songs
Standard MIDI Files (format 0, 1)
88 styles
 Preset Rhythm
50 styles per each 12 patterns
320 x 240 dots Graphic LCD w/backlit
Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
D Beam Controller
Realtime Control Knobs (1, 2, 3, 4)
Realtime Control Buttons (1, 2, 3, 4)
Headphones Jack
A (MIX) Output Jacks (L (MONO), R) (1/4 inch TRS phone type)
B Output Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type)
(or Individual Jacks 1–4)
Hold Pedal Jack (Half Pedal possible)
Control Pedal Jacks (1, 2) (assignable)
MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT, THRU)
Digital Audio Outputs:
S/P DIF Connectors (COAXIAL, OPTICAL) (24-bit, 44.1 kHz)
AC Inlet
 Power Supply AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V
 Power Consumption 16 W

2,969.00 лв.

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