• – Powerful desktop synthesizer with massive realtime control
  • – New Wave Acceleration synthesis creates a variety of synth waves-67 total
  • – Includes standard synth waves plus new waveforms like Spectrum and Noise
  • – Up to 32-note/4-part multitimbral operation
  • – 2 main oscillators and 2 suboscillators with ultra-thick Subsonic mode
  • – Pulse width modulation and oscillator “hard” sync capability*
  • – Insert and Loop effects processors with 10 types of reverb/delay and 35 multi-effects
  • – Programmable arpeggiator for creating synth lines or drum patterns


Introducing Wave Acceleration Synthesis.

Until now, if you wanted fat synth sounds you could either buy a “virtual analog” synthesizer or a dedicated software plug-in. And while these modeling-based synths sound good, most are still limited in the range of sounds they produce. Enter the SH-32 Synthesizer from Roland. The result of extensive research and development, this tabletop synth uses new Wave Acceleration Synthesis to overcome the limitations of modeling and deliver all the synth waveforms you crave—67 variations in all! And the SH-32’s sounds go far beyond those of traditional synthesizers, thanks to new complex waveforms like Spectrum and variable Noise. There’s even drum maps with samples taken from the TR-808/909 Rhythm Composers.
But how does it sound? With its choice of waveforms and filters, the SH-32 sounds as fat as you want—and you get plenty of polyphony (up to 32 stackable voices) plus 4-part multitimbral operation.

A synth programmer’s dream.

If you prefer creating sounds to using factory presets, you’ll love the SH-32. Taking its cue from Roland’s analog synths of the past, this tabletop synth is covered with all the knobs, sliders and buttons you need for direct parameter access. And because there are no hidden menus, the SH-32’s display consists of nothing more than a simple, 3-digit LED.

But don’t let this deceptively simple design fool you. The SH-32 isn’t your average synth; its sounds are far more diverse than typical “analog” synths, thanks to a variety of waveforms and new features like a sub-oscillator with Subsonic mode for ultra-thick bass sounds. You also get oscillator sync, ring modulation and MIDI syncable LFOs. This is one powerful little beast!

You want arpeggios? You got it—and then some.

In designing the perfect desktop synth, we couldn’t help but create the perfect arpeggiator—one that can be fully programmed to create incredible user patterns. When used in combination with the Chord Memory function, you can produce complex arpeggios just like the ones heard in modern techno styles including trance. And with so many front-panel controls, programming is still ultra-intuitive.

Don’t forget the effects!

From studio processors to BOSS pedals, Roland has become synonymous with high-quality effects. With the SH-32, you get not one—but two independent effects processors. The Loop effect processor gives you 10 varieties of reverb/delay effects, while the Insert effect processor offers 35 multi-effects algorithms. These include everything from distortion, compressor and pitch shifter to proprietary Groove effects like Slicer, Lo-Fi and Isolator.

A synth for all seasons.

With its affordable price and compact size, the SH-32 is a great way to add fat synth sounds to your music. Use it with your favorite sequencing software or keyboard workstation, giving you bold new synth sounds. And when paired up with a Groovebox or the step sequencer found in Roland’s EF-303 Groove Effects, you’ve got a powerful desktop synth with cool analog-style sequencing. Get it!

Sound Generator
2 x Oscillators (with Sub Oscillator, PWM, Oscillator Sync, or
Ring Modulation), 1 x Filter (LPF/BPF/HPF/PKG/OFF), 1 x Amp, 2 x LFO (7 forms)
Patches using Oscillator Sync will be monophonic. These patches can be used in Part 1. Sub Oscillator, PWM, Oscillator Sync, and Ring Modulation cannot be used together in the same patch.
4 (or 3 + 1 Rhythm)
Maximum Polyphony
32 voices
67 waves (7 categories) for main oscillators, 63 rhythm waves for rhythm sets
User Memory
Patches: 128, Rhythm Sets: 2, Performances: 64
Preset Memory
Patches: 128, Rhythm Sets: 2
Style Programmable (Step Input/Realtime Input), Arpeggio Styles: 64, Rhythm Styles:64, Tempo = 20.0—250.0 BPM
Chord Memory
Chord forms: 64
8 segments, 3 characters (LED)
Output Jacks (L/MONO, R), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), Foot Switch Jack, Headphones Jack (Stereo), AC Adaptor Jack
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (ACI Series/PSB-1U)
Current Draw
1,000 mA
AC Adaptor (ACI Series/ PSB-1U)

Size and Weight

Width (W)
303 mm11-15/16 inches
Depth (D)
228 mm9 inches
Height (H)
92 mm3-5/8 inches
1.9 kg

799.00 лв.

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