• – Compact half-rackspace expandable synth module with 64-voice polyphony
  • – Includes the complete sound set of the legendary JV-1080 and JV-2080 sound modules, plus the sounds from the “Session” wave expansion board (1,023 Patches total before expansion)
  • – Expansion slot for installing additional SR-JV80 Series wave expansion board of user’s choice
  • – Intuitive knob-style control and straightforward interface
  • – Dedicated Reverb and Chorus processing, plus built-in EFX bank with 40 algorithms
  • – Easy navigation through Phrase Preview button and Category/Bank Select knob
  • – GM compatible
  • – Includes CD-ROM with sound editing software

Big, Bold Sound Sets

Don’t let the low cost of this instrument fool you! The JV-1010 sound engines rank among the most extensive collections that Roland has ever created. Included in the diminuitive JV-1010 is the full 640-Patch sound set of the acclaimed JV-2080 flagship sound module, plus all 255 Patches from the “Session” wave expansion board. These are truly Roland’s best CD-quality sounds – stereo grand pianos, acoustic guitars, and dozens of full rhythm sets, in addition to 128 GM-compatible Patches.

The Power to Expand

Beyond thier amazing internal sound sets, the JV-1010 also gives you expansion slots for installing optional SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards (1 slot in the JV-1010). These genre-specific boards contain hundreds of additional CD-quality sounds each, ranging from Asian instruments to cutting-edge Hip-Hop loops. With 18 boards currently available, users at at all levels are sure to find wealth of sounds that they can easily install and access with no laod time, whatever thier preferred style of music. These affordable boards ensure that your synth will always sound new, and that Roand’s latest sound-shaping know- how will never be far away.

Professional Synth Features

With thier staggering array of sounds, the JV-1010 features Patch Finder functions for quick Patch location and Phrase Preview to hear a selected Patch in a short musical phrase.


Max. Polyphony
EFX (40 types), Chorus, Reverb (8 types)
Preset Memory
Patches = 895 (128 x 5 banks same as the JV-2080; incl. 128 GM-compatible patches + 255 from “Session”), Performances = 64 (32 x 2 banks), Rhythm Sets = 18 (2 x 5 banks same as the JV-2080; incl. 2 GM-compatible sets + 8 from “Session”)
User Memory
Patches: 128, Rhythm Sets: 2, Performances: 64
Wave Expansion Capacity
SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Board: 1
7-segment, 3-character LED, 5 LED indicators
Output (L/Mono, R), Headphones, MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Computer IF (Mac/PC-1/PC-2), DC In
Power Supply
DC 9 V AC Adapto

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