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Keyboard76 key Pro-Action Keyboard with aftertouchSound SourceMax polyphony128 voicesTones1596 panel tones, 48 Drums kits. Dedicated 3-band EQ (with Q) for each Oscillator (on Realtime/Style/Song parts) and for each drum instrument on Styles and Songs
Harmonic BarBased on Virtual ToneWheel technologySRX Expansion board slot1Multi timbre parts32Effect Processors7 dedicated effects processors for:
Realtime section – 12 Reverb, 6 Chorus / 84 Multi EFX
Backing(Song/Style) – 8 Reverb, 8 Chorus
Harmonic Bar section – Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive
External Audio Input – 84 effects
Mic Input – Noise Gate, Comp. 9 Reverb, 9 Delay
Harmonist section – 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 Chorus
Mastering section – Parametric EQ, Multi Band Comp.CompatibilityGM2/ GS/ XG LiteStylesPreset styles285 styles on 12 families + 14 on the Custom Area. All 299 Styles are completely refined.Variation/ Intro/ Ending/ Fill In4 variations/ 4 Intro/ 4 Ending/ 6 Fill In/ Break Mute on Assign SwitchesSync Start/
Sync StopYesUser Style Composer8 Tracks with Micro editing/ Piano Roll editing/ Guitar Mode programming/ SRX tones selectionDirect Media LinkYesOne Touch Setting4 One Touch settings for each single Styles (including MFX and independent EQ settings)CoverFor Songs and Styles, 30 ALL, 18 Drum, 24 BassMakeup ToolsFor Songs and Styles
SRX expansion sounds in Styles and Songs
Make up Tool Freeze Data function
Individual 3-band EQ for each soundPanel ControlsMulti-function sliders9Rotary encoder with push switchYesCursorInc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, LeftPitch Bender and ModulationYesD BeamYes, (4 modes)Keyboard/ Accomp BalanceYesExternal Source VolumeYesKeyboard Part/ Tone Assign SwitchesUpper1, Upper2, Upper3, Lower1, Lower2, Manual BassDisplayColor Touch Screen with click noisePlayer/ RecorderMark / JumpYes, 4 locations for each SongSequencer16-Track Sequencer, with Micro Editing/ Piano Roll editing, Harmonist control, Guitar Mode programming, SRX Tones selection, SMF to Style ConverterDigiScoreYesLyrics DisplayYes with Chord ExtractorText Import/ ExportYesHarmonic BarVirtual ToneWheel technologyfor Upper1/ Lower19 bars: 16’, 5-1/3’, 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, 2’, 1-3/5’, 1-1/3’, 1’for Manual bass2 bars: 16’, 8’PercussionOn, Off, 2-2/3’, 4’, Slow, FastLeakage levelMin-MaxRegistrations8 setVocal HarmonistMode4 Modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, SingerProgrammable Harmony3 Types: 30 Small, 30 Ensemble, 24 VocoderControlOn 16-Track Sequencer, via MIDI INUser ProgramsYesMusic Assistantabout 500 presets, programmableData StorageFDD3.5” HD/DDInternal SSD (Solid State Disk)62,4 MB (approx. 27,4 MB as preloaded factory data) – new FAT DISK optimizationPC Card Slot1 (supports : Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media, Microdrive, using Card adaptor)Type of files managedStyle, Song(SMF), User Program, MIDI Set, Play List, File.txtOther functionsGuitar ModeYes, for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, with Stereo doubling functionFinderSong, Style, User ProgramEasy SettingArranger, Organ, Piano, Guitar ModeChord Alteration SystemAdaptive Chord Voicing. ACV code insertion facility on User Style. Improved Repitch algorithmMelody IntelligentYes, 18 Types
Melody Intelligent 2nd Tone customizationTap TempoYesTranspose with Singer Key AdapterYes, -6 ~ +5Song Chord ExtractorYesFade OUT/INYes, programmableAssignable SWYes, 2 programmable with Break Mute selectionV-LINKYesUpdating systemYes, on FlashConnectorsUSB1, for File transfer / MIDIMIDIIN, OUT, THRUAudio OutputMain (L/mono, R), Direct (L, R), Vocal Harmonist (L, R), Metronome OutputAudio InputExternal audio input (L, R), Vocal Harmonist Input (XLR/TRS, Phone balanced/unbalanced)Jacks1 x Hold Pedal, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Foot Pedal, 1 x FC-7 Control PedalVideo OutputYes, for Lyrics and Chords (2 types)Phones1OthersSupplied accessories

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