Keyboard 61 keys with velocity sensitivity Polyphony 32 notes max Sounds 480 sounds, including 34 oriental sounds, 16 drumkits, 3 oriental drumkits Performances 63 real-time editable Effects 22 reverbs, 22 effects, with separate sends Modes 3 realtime sections (Lower, Upper 1, Upper 2), monophonic mode, Split (progr.) Controls volume, pitch/modulation ball, arabic scale keypad, 4 arabic scale progr. memories, store/cancel arabic scale memory, 16 direct style memory, style/song selection keypad, cursor/page, melody off, demo, single touch play, performance recall, function buttons (F1/F9), style/tempo lock, play all songs, upper 1, upper 2, lower, floppy disk, hard disk, sound selection keypad, octave -/+, transpose b/#, lyrics, vocal processor, rev/chorus, sustain, metronome, harmony, sampling (record, samples), 16 direct sound memory, enter, escape, dial Pads 4 programmable pads Display LCD multifunction (neon backlit), lyrics on display (2 x 24 characters) Styles 96 styles (32 standard + 64 oriental), 8 user (progr.), 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3) Styles controls Start/stop, intro, ending, fill in a <, fill in <>, fill in b >/tap tempo, key start/continue, fade in/out, variations 1/2/3/4, arrange on/off, arrange memory, lower memory, bass to lowest, style/tempo lock Harmony 8 types Single Touch Play 10 per style Sequencer 7 song style, 8 tracks: upper1/upper2/lower/5 tracks styles, 7 user songs, 16 tracks player Disk Drive  Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb – 1.44MB), utility, functions: direct-from-floppy/hard disk, play-all-songs Compatibility Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, WK2, WK3, PK7, CD, RASS, word box© mk1 Hard Disk optional (2,5″ ide) Vocal Processor optional Connections Stereo outputs, 2 headphones, damper pedal, pedal (progr.), volume pedal, computer (pc1, pc2, mac), MIDI In/Out/Thru, video out (rgb/s-vhs) Extra upgradeable operating system via floppy disk Amplification 15W + 15W, 2 ways, 4 speakers Dimensions
(W x H x D)
 1.100 x 150 x 390 mm /
43,3″ x 5,9″ x 15,4″ Weight 14,3 kg

1,299.00 лв.

Детайлна информация относно продукти и наличности може да получите и на посочения телефон – 0888204411, както и на: E-mail : bozovmusic@abv.Bg

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