GEM WK 2 Oriental

With its comprehensive range of instruments dedicated to the music of the Mediterranean and Middle-East, GEM has become a leader in the field of Oriental keyboards.

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User Interface
The large backlit display offers a perfect view of all the operating status and functions of WK2 Oriental. The dynamic keyboard and programmable pitch bend weel reproduce every nuance of your playing technique.Volume and sustain are controlled by dedicated optional pedals.

WK2 Oriental is a 16 parts multitimbral instrument with 32 note polyphony. The internal sound library features 460 sounds (included 16 Oriental sounds), and 8 drum kits (included 1 Arabic drum kit); the programmable split and the possibility of layering up to 3 sounds let you create rich and complex sound textures. The stereo 15W + 15W amplification with 4 speakers faithfully plays back the entire timbric range of this advanced instrument.

Arabic Scale
A special section containing 12 buttons lets you select and play scale with microtuned notes as required by Oriental music. Arabic Scale provides 4 presets, and it's also possible to memorize up to 4 personalized Arabic scales.

WK2 Oriental contains 96 styles (included 32 Arabic, 4 Greek and 4 Turkish styles) with 4 variations each, made up of 5 tracks (Drums, Bass, Acc1/2/3). 10 different Performances are assigned to each of the 96 internal styles, allowing you to completely reconfigure the setting of the styles (sounds, volumes, effects sends, etc.) at the touch of a single button. 8 different types of Harmony are also available.

Effects processors
The WK2 Oriental contains 2 digital processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects, with controls for the main level plus separate send levels for each track.

The WK2 Oriental is equipped with a practical sequencer (SMF compatible) which lets you compose and record up to 7 Song Styles instantly, using any of the on-board styles. The 8 pre-recorded internal demo songs clearly show you the outstanding sound quality of WK2 Oriental. You can also program and save up to 8 styles.

WK2 controls are logically laid out and easy to use: in addition to the 2 practical numeric keypads to recall any sound or style, there's also a series of dedicated buttons that let you select directly 16 sounds and 16 styles among the most frequently used in the Oriental music. You can even memorize your favourite configurations of sounds, effects, controls, MIDI channels, track status, styles, etc. in any of the 63 General Performances, and instantly recall them when needed. 


Keyboard 61 keys with velocity sensitivity Polyphony 32 notes max Sounds 460 PCM sounds, 17 drum kits Performances 63 real-time editable Effects 22 reverbs + 22 modulations Modes 3 real-time sections (Lower, Upper1, Upper2); Single, Split (progr.), Layer Controls Volume, transpose, tuning, metronome, touch sensitivity, programmable pitch bend (+/- 12 semitones), dial, 2 independent keypads (style/song - sound), arabic scale with 4 memories Pads 4 programmable pads Display LCD multifunction, coloured and backlit Styles 96 styles x 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3), 8 user styles Styles controls Start/stop, intro, ending, 3 fill buttons (tap tempo), key start/continue, fade in/out, var. 1-2-3-4, arrange on/off, arrange memory, lower memory, bass to lowest, style/tempo lock Harmony 8 types Single Touch Play 10 per style Sequencer 7 song style, 8 tracks: upper1/upper2/lower/5 tracks styles, 7 user songs, 16 tracks player Disk Drive  Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb - 1.44MB), utility, functions: 'direct-from-floppy', 'play-all-songs', 'load-while-playing' Compatibility Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, WK2 MIDI ARRANGER, WK3, PK7, CD, RASS Connections Stereo outputs, damper, pedal, volume pedal, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), MIDI in/out/thru, audio interface, 2 headphones Amplification 15W + 15W, 2 ways, 4 speakers Dimensions
(W x H x D)
1.100 x 150 x 390 mm /
43,3" x 5,9" x 15,4" Weight 14,3 kg / 31,46 lbs

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